2012 Award Ceremony

On Saturday, November 24th at 18.00 in the Auditorium of Santa Giulia, it will be held the Award Ceremony of the First Edition of Museums in Short.

Promoted by Musil - Museum of Industry and Labour, Museum of Santa Giulia and Brescia Musei Foundation, in collaboration with EMA - European Museum Academy, Museums in Short aims to raise awareness of European museums as innovative institutions in the field of video production. The competition is divided into two sections: the Musil Award is reserved for the best short film produced by museums of history, science and industry; the Santa Giulia Award is dedicated to the best video from art museums and museums of the city.

The international Jury is composed by the following members:

Massimo Negri (Chairman), EMA - European Museum Academy (Director)
Giorgio Diritti, Movies director
Paulo Mota, Museu da Ciencia Universidade de Coimbra (Director)
Federica Olivares, Italian Ministry of the Foreign Business for the Cultural Relationships (Councillor)
Andreja Richter, EMA - European Museum Academy (President)

The more than fifty works submitted to the Contest confirmed not only the wide interest of the initiative, but also the quality of the visual products created by many European museums. In fact, the Jury had the opportunity to choose from a large number of valid options.

Here is the program of the evening:

- Screening of "Genus Bononiae - Museums in the City". A documentary about the Museum of the City of Bologna presented by its director, Giorgio Diritti.

- Screening of "The Mysteries of the cloister". A comedy made in the Museo Diocesano of Brescia. At the presence of the director, Emilio Gatto, and the protagonist Simona Garbarino.

- Award Ceremony of "Museums in Short". Announcement and screening of the winners of the Santa Giulia Award and of the Musil Award. Awards will be presented to the representatives of the museums.

During the ceremony will also be announced the video selected by EMA for the 2013 edition of "Heritage in Motion". 

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