Museums in Short 2019 Winner Proclamation

Press Release

The Freud Museum of London wins Museums in Short 2019.
Special mention of the Jury for the Walker Art Center of Minneapolis.
Public Vote Prize to the Gallery Matica Srpska (Novi Sad, Serbia).

Freud Museum of Londra scoops Museums in Short 2019 with the brilliant video: “A Surreal Christmas". Trailer is based on free associations between the works of Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dalì. Walker Art Center di Minneapolis received the Special Mention of the International Jury for its: “Siah Armajani Follow The Line", an engaging trip into the world of the eclectic Iranian artist. The poetic video of the Baksy Museum (Turkey) was very appreciated by the Jury, deserving the third position in the final list.
Public Vote Prize goes to the Gallery of Matica Srpska (Serbia), whose staff became the cast of the funny: “Momentum”, a tribute to the Serbian painter and poet Đura Jakšić.
Ceremony have been enriched by the presence of 6 Jury’s members, by representatives and video-messages from the awarded museums, and by delegations from POLIN Varsaw (museum of the history of Polish jews) and PinAC (children art gallery, Brescia).
This year 55 videos from 26 Countries participated to the contest launched in 2012 by musil Brescia, Brescia Musei Fondation and EMA European Museum Academy, in collaboration with BASE Milano and Forum of Slavic Cultures.
In the introductory talk, musil's representative, René Capovin, coordinated a dialogue between experts of cinema and museums on the future role of audiovisual in the life of contemporary culture. Museums in Short aims to promote the innovative role of museums in the field of audiovisual: a no-fee contest for an open platform, freely available to operators, creatives, people.
All videos are uploaded on the website:


2019 Museums in Short Jury:
Francesca Acquati - BASE Milano
René Capovin musil Brescia (coordinator)
Andrea Chimento - Catholic University of Milan
Kostis Kalapothakis Pireo Foundation, Athen
Stefano Karadjov - Brescia Musei Foundation
Massimo Negri - EMA- European Museum Academy
Andreja Rihter - FSK, Lubjana
Carlo Sigon – Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti. 



For the ability to engage the audience with a fresh and direct language that recalls the Dadaist films of the 1920s.
And for the way to approach the typical themes of psychoanalysis in a simple way, for the ironic and satirical taste of this surreal xmas.
The first prize goes to
"A surreal Christmas", by Freud Museum, London

For the ability in mixing visual and sound languages, for the interdisciplinary and interactive way to describe the nature of the exhibition and its use
the special mention goes to
"Siah Armajani Follow This Line", by Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.


Brescia, 10th December 2019 

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