Forty museums participated to the IV edition of Museums in Short. Now all videos are online here.

The Winner will be decided by the members of the Jury, but... you can have your say: watch all our shorts and choose your favourite by clicking on “vote for this video”. Each person can express only one preference. Votation will be closed on 15th, July.

The most popular video will receive the Public Special Mention during the Museums in Short Ceremony in Piran on 31th August.


The call for application is officially closed!


We are pleased to announce the jury of Museums in Short 2017:

Massimo Negri (president) – EMA – European Museum Academy
René Capovin - musil – museum of industry and labour of Brescia
Luigi Di Corato – Brescia Museums Foundation
Kerstin Herlt - Europeana Council
Kostis Kalapothakis –  Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP)
Janos Mihaly Tari - AVICOM
Andreja Rihter – Forum of Slavic Cultures


Further news in the next few days! 


The deadline to submit your video to the Museums in Short Award is extended until May 15th 2017.

For further information and to apply: http://www.museumsinshort.eu/application

We also have the pleasure to announce that the Prize-giving Ceremony will take place in Piran, on 9th July. The Municipality of the “Pearl of Adriatic”, in collaboration with the Forum of Slavic Cultures, will host an open air event in the main square of this worderful town.  

Submit your video and… see you in Piran!


This year MiS is supported also by FSK (Forum of Slavic Cultures),  an International Foundation based in Ljubljana which includes all the European countries of Slavic language in a large variety of activities dealing with heritage, museums, libraries, archives, music, theatre, cinema and literature.

FSK will spread the MiS message in this important part of our continent and will be an active partner in organizing in its new Research Center in the Slovenian town of Piran (an historic gem of the Mediterranean heritage) presentations, classes and other initiatives focused on MiS valuable materials so far collected.

Welcome  on board FSK!


Museums in Short is an international contest for short videos (max 10 min) related to museums.

Launched in 2012,  the contest is open to spot or films promoting museums or their activities (temporary exhibitions, events etc.) and to videos used in permanent or temporary exhibitions.

Short films are a popular way to communicate museums and their activities in an engaging and direct way. Our award aims at sharing the most effective and innovative works in the crucial field of museum communication and visitors experience.

From the Victoria and Albert Museum, the first winner, to Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (New Dehli) and Micropia (Amsterdam), the winners of 2016 Edition, the Award aims at sharing the best ideas in the short video production. For this reason, Museums in Short created an open platform, where museum professionals, videomakers and people interested […]

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